Woven Wood Shades Riverside, CA

woven wood riversideAn environmentally friendly house is becoming a popular trend nowadays in California. This is because energy-efficient houses help California homeowners reduce their energy costs. One eco-friendly fixture that can always be seen in California’s houses are woven shades.

Bamboo woven shades are one such installation that has been considered to be energy-efficient among homeowners in California’s suburbs. This is why it is important that homeowners replace their cotton or polyester curtains with these wood blinds.

Benefits of Bamboo Woven Shades

Using bamboo woven shades as your window cover can make a house look more elegant. Also, woven shades like these need little to no maintenance at all, and bamboo woven shades help reduce your electricity cost. 

Apart from this, bamboo woven shades have other benefits which any homeowner will find advantageous for different reasons. Read some of the benefits that people can get from this type of window shade below:

Bamboo Woven Shades Screen You From UV Rays

One of the most important aspects of bamboo woven shades is that it helps in blocking the amount of UV radiation inside your California house. Ultraviolet A can pass through the inner part of the skin, which makes it harmful.

With bamboo woven shades, however, you will not have to worry about the damaging effects of UV rays. Considering that California receives an ample amount of sunlight on an annual basis, bamboo woven shades also make an important fixture in your house.

Bamboo Woven Shades Can Stylize Your Living Space

An eco-friendly, California home has become a fad among homeowners in Riverside, CA. This is because woven shades can enhance the interior of a California residence. Bamboo woven shades can be paired with other wooden furniture like rattan.

At Luxury Window Fashions, we offer bamboo woven shades as well as other curtain designs for California homeowners who want to have organic interiors. Our wooden Riverside blinds and curtains products vary depending on your preference.

Bamboo Woven Shades Offer Versatility

Another benefit of bamboo woven shades is that it is not restricted to windows alone. You can have these woven shades installed at doorways, among other areas inside your California house.

Also, bamboo woven shades are perfect for outdoors. These woven shades can be installed on the porch of your California house, giving it an enclosed appearance. In this manner, you can add style and comfort to your California abode.

Additionally, you can pair these woven shades with blackout liners to make your California home look more appealing. You may even install a motorized curtain track which will make your California woven shades appear modern.

Bamboo Woven Shades Are Customizable

Having bamboo woven shades can make your California home stylish because you can customize these eco-friendly curtains to your liking. You have the option of folding or rolling your bamboo woven shades if you wish to tuck the shades away and let sunlight in.

Adopting an outside or inside mount design for your bamboo woven shades is another way of customizing your Riverside blinds. For that matter, these woven shades are an ideal choice in improving the interior of your California house. 

Bamboo Woven Shades Can Balance Lighting and Privacy

If you want to have a decently lit room while enjoying the privacy of your California house, bamboo woven shades are a must-have for your shutters. As compared to thick curtains, bamboo woven shades allow sunlight to pass through windows.

Types of Woven Shades for Your California House

If you are planning to turn your California house into an eco-friendly place, you can start by installing woven shades, among other things. However, you have to assess your California house and identify which woven shades will suit your house’s interior.

Apart from bamboo woven shades, there are several varieties of shutters to choose from. These woven shades are: 

Honeycomb or Cellular Woven Shades

The honeycomb or cellular woven shades are one of the most energy-efficient types of woven shades you can find in Riverside, CA. Because of the shade’s hexagonal structure, the honeycomb or cellular woven shades traps air inside it. As a result, cellular woven shades make your house warm in summer and cooler in winter.

Luxury Window Fashions has a variety of woven shades; one of which is the cellular woven shade. We provide free estimates for people in Riverside, CA who would like to make his or her house California house more energy-efficient.

Pleated Woven Shades

Curtains like the pleated woven shade have a horizontal fold, which allows each layer to stack up on one another when you tuck them. Also, pleated woven shades are produced using one type of fabric. 

Unlike bamboo woven shades, pleated woven shades are ideal for insulation. This makes you California home cool and comfy on the inside. Because of that, you get to cut down on your energy costs.

Roller Shades

Roller shades is a cost-effective alternative compared to traditional curtains. This is because roller shades use wood instead of fabric. Shades like these can come in automated or motorized systems which add classiness to the interior of a house.

You can find roller shades at Luxury Window Fashions. We provide free estimates and consultations for clients all over the Riverside area. Also, all of our products come with free installations. 

Roman Woven Shades

The roman woven shades have a traditional and horizontal folds, much like the pleated woven shades. Roman shades are common and have existed for centuries, because they were created during the height of the Roman Empire. 

One important feature of the roman woven shades is its traditional appeal, which makes it ideal for any type of California house. However,  roman woven shades that are made of heavier fabric has better thermal performance. This may make your house comfortable regardless of the weather.

Sheer or Semi-Sheer Woven Shades

Sheer shades provide natural lighting inside a homeowner’s house. Because of this, you get to reduce your artificial lighting and cut down on your energy costs. Also, sheer shades can provide you with much-needed privacy while inside the comfort of your house.

Solar Shades

The excellent of feature of solar shades is that it helps keep heat away during the hot season. Also, solar shades can protect you from the harmful radiation of ultraviolet rays.

Browse for the Ideal Woven Shades at Luxury Window Fashions

At Luxury Window Fashions, we provide a variety of wooden woven shades that will make the interior of your California house more elegant. You may choose among any of the woven shades that will suit your taste. Contact us now for more information.