Window Treatments in Riverside, California

window treatment riverside caWindow treatments are usually considered as an afterthought. Some think of it as an unnecessary decoration. Contrary to this, the benefit of having window treatments does not end on dramatically changing the appearance of your room. Learn more on how investing for window treatments will benefit you in other ways.

Window Treatments Provide You Privacy

Windows act as your house’s eyes. Through your windows, people can see the inside of your home. With people snooping around your property, your private space becomes smaller. 

Imagine yourself living in Riverside where many structures follow an old California motif with big windows. You are doing something private like changing your clothes. Without your knowledge, someone walking past has seen you while doing your thing. What will you do?

The first thing that would come to your mind is to close the window, but it will just block all the natural light. This will cause you to use additional electrical energy.

The best way to protect your privacy is by using window treatments. The level of privacy you get depends on the type of window treatments and window covering you will use. You can choose between window shades, budget blinds, shutters, and other window coverings in Riverside, CA.

Window Treatments Allow You to Control Light Penetration

Light enters your house through your windows. Window treatments allow you to control the direction and quantity of light that enters your house. Depending on the window covering you will use, your windows can illuminate a dim room or totally black out the light from outside.

Controlling the amount of light that enters your room also lets you control the amount of UV rays that get in. Extreme exposure to UV rays weakens the immune system and can cause cataracts.

Window Treatments Help You Save Electric Energy

Window coverings in Riverside, CA can be of great help in saving energy. Based on research, almost 30% of heating energy is lost through your windows as air passes through windows easier than through walls.

Window treatments act as natural insulators. Having window treatments is a simple step to trap heat inside your house during the winter and outside during summer. Using less energy from your heaters and air conditioning systems will also decrease your bills.

Whatever size, style, and shape your windows have, there is certainly a window covering that will fit your windows. Window treatments are divided into three categories:

Hard Window Treatments

This type of treatment is usually made up of hard materials like wood or vinyl. Examples of hard window treatments are:

  • Window Shutters
  • Window Blinds
  • Window Shades 

Soft Window Treatments

Contrary to the hard window treatments, soft window treatments are made of soft materials. It is mostly used as a decoration on top of hard window treatments. Some examples of soft window treatments are:

  • Curtains
  • Draperies
  • Valances

Layered Window Treatments

A combination of hard window treatments and soft window treatments is called layered window treatments. Layering is adding multiple treatments onto the same window. The first layer is usually a hard treatment and the rest are decorations.

For your window treatment needs, hire Luxury Window Fashions. We provide assistance for you to know which window treatments and window covering work best for your windows.

Whatever your choices are, Luxury Window Fashions have everything you need from sheer drapes to black out window shades. We will make sure to follow your preferred style, material, and layer. 

Get the Best Window Coverings in Riverside, CA

If you are considering protecting your windows by using budget blinds or sheer curtains, think again. Some people think that window treatments they bought from retailers are enough to protect their windows. However, buying ready-made budget blinds and other window coverings in Riverside, CA should not be an option.

If you wish to upgrade your window’s looks and protection, it is best to hire a professional like Luxury Window Fashions for your customized window treatment. Here are some reasons why hiring us is a better option than buying a mass-produced window covering in shops:

We Provide Free Consultation

When you go to a shop, you will most likely get ill-fitting covering for your windows. This is because you will be stuck with the sizes and styles they have in stock.

With Luxury Window Fashions, we provide assistance for you to know which window covering is the most ideal one for your window’s style and needs. Having a customized window treatment will give you a chance to choose your desired fabric, color, and other details.

We will also take the time to know the exact measurements of your windows to make sure that we are providing you well-fitted window treatments. 

We Give Professional Treatment

We pride ourselves with more than 15 years of experience in this industry. Unlike others, we do not have middlemen, so you will be working directly with the CEO. We will provide you our direct phone numbers, so you can easily reach us regarding your concerns and inquiries.

To meet your expectations, we are hands-on with the process from the start to end of the installation of window treatments and window coverings in Riverside, CA. Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase from us.

Our Window Coverings in Riverside, CA Have Higher Quality

Affordable and ready-made budget blinds, window shades, and drapes in Riverside, CA. are mostly substandard. We strive to provide a Riverside window treatment that is cost-effective and high in quality. 

Luxury Window Fashions is up to date with the latest trends in window décor.

All of our products, from shutters to blinds, are built and installed with the sophistication of details in mind.

Hire the Best CA Window Treatment Company for Your Windows

For all CA window treatment needs, get in touch with Luxury Window Fashions. We provide window treatments and window covering services in some cities of California. We guarantee high quality but affordable window shades, shutters, curtains, other window covering. Call us now and get a free estimate.