Polycore Shutters in Riverside, California

polycore shutters riversideBuilding your dream home in Riverside, California is very exciting. Even if you already have the house built, there’s plenty of things to consider and improve upon. Deciding on your California home’s flooring, doors, fixtures, and furniture are interior design choices that aren’t often seen from the outside.

That Old California Window Look

Windows, on the other hand, are what your neighbors will see first in your California home’s facade. When building a home, you will have to decide on the shape of the window, where they are, and if they’ll use shades, blinds, or shutters. In Riverside, a lot of buildings have that old California city feel.

Being a city founded in the early 1870s, even the houses in neighborhoods have a tendency to follow with that old California motif. This can even be seen in the windows’ blinds, shades and building’s shutters in Riverside.

Difficulties with Wooden Shutters in Riverside

Some of these older California buildings in Riverside have blinds made of wood, which have an aged look and a fine finish. Many buildings in surrounding neighborhoods have similar looking shutters in Riverside’s downtown structures.

These kinds of shutters and blinds are very difficult and expensive to maintain because of their material. Wood is durable and elegant, but also susceptible to damage due to California’s climate and the effects of aging and normal use.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for those who want to mimic the look and feel of these wooden shutters in Riverside’s buildings of old California -- Polycore shutters. The use of Polycore shutters in Riverside, CA aligns with the city’s visual identity while adapting to modern needs and sustainability.

Inside Polycore Shutters

Polycore shutters are solid and synthetic and have a co-extruded aluminum core. This makes the shutters sturdier and less prone to natural decay. In order to look like they belong in a California building established in 19th century Riverside, the shutters are coated in a waterborne paint that dries to an aged wooden finish.

Many other color finishes could also be applied, which shows the versatility of using Polycore shutters in Riverside, CA or other areas in California with distinct architectural themes.

Polycore Shutters Help in Riverside Fire Safety

The use of Polycore shutters in your Riverside, CA residence is not just for following that old California aesthetic. Installing these shutters in your Riverside home is also pragmatic.

These Polycore shutters have fire-retardant properties baked right into the paint that coats them. If a fire breaks out in your neighborhood in Riverside, the shutters can kill the fire and stop it from spreading.

Wildfires are known to start in various areas in California due to humidity and unsupervised camp fires. Using polycore shutters and blinds ensures the safety of your family in any case of fire-related accidents.

Built to Last

The shutters also have anti-moisture properties, which keeps them from warping during long humid days or rainy nights. Sudden and extreme temperature changes happen in California, which can cause some materials to react negatively or even break.

Wooden blinds and shutters in Riverside are more likely to break due to natural causes and frequent use.  Polycore shutters in Riverside, CA are more durable and are made to last a lifetime.

Works with California Weather

Polycore shutters also help with the weather in California. The heat of the summers are insulated by the shutters in Riverside. In conjunction with the air-conditioning systems in your home in Riverside, the shutters keep the heat out and regulate a steady temperature indoors. 

This helps you save electricity, keeping your air conditioner working efficiently even on the hottest of California days. The shutters also help during winter, even if it doesn’t snow in California. You can stay warm indoors when it’s cold out with the insulation of Polycore shutters in Riverside.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning and maintenance for Polycore shutters in Riverside, CA are also quite easy to do. They are made of synthetic solids, which behave closer to marble or acrylic than wood. You don’t have to worry about getting drinks spilled on these shutters in a Riverside party.

Liquids just stay on the surface and are easily wiped away. A simple dusting or wiping with a cloth of these shutters in your Riverside home should be enough to make sure they are clean and dust-free.

If any part of these Riverside shutters or blinds break or malfunction while in use, individual segments can be repaired and replaced by a California professional. Although that is unlikely because most Polycore shutters in Riverside, CA are motorized, only moving accurately with a set speed and path.

Different Installation Options

Getting Polycore shutters in Riverside, CA is the best way to compliment your home’s interior and facade. Exude the old California vibe while being confident in your investment, knowing your Riverside shutters are going to last.

You can have professionals install Polycore shutters in your Riverside home. If you have a knack for it, a DIY installation is possible, too. All you need to do is measure your windows, order the blinds and shutters in Riverside, and install!

Where to Get Shutters in Riverside

Luxury Window Fashions provide installation services and Polycore shutters in Riverside. Choose from a variety of colors and styles that fit your California home. These Riverside blinds, shades, and shutters under the Hunter Douglas brand are manufactured directly in Southern California. 

Give your home the authentic look and feel of old California, with a touch of modern sensibilities. Get your Polycore shutters in Riverside, CA with a free estimate and lifetime guarantee from Luxury Window Fashions today!